Sunday, 25 June 2017

yokai watch fanart part 2

again a heckton of draws, 
under a cut they go again!
here's a floating jibanyan

art trade with Nex, featuring Super Tencho/Super Manager.

emoji stuff with mckraken.

Fear and loathing in New Youma City, feat. McKraken (Dr. Gonzo) and Dr. Maddiman (Raoul Duke)

Kaminarasu Goro + Jibanyan = Kaminarasunyan?


some kinda Lucas (Mao Hikage) concept aaaaaa

Dr. Maddiman.

McKraken being McKraken.

Katie fishes up a ...squid?

Dr. Maddiman when alive?

Moso Monmon and Dr. Maddiman.

Moso Monmon stuff.

art trade, featuring Timidevil.

Blizzaria gives a peck on a Nosir's cheek.

Tengu and Furfrou.

Kaminarasu Goro.

Kaminarasu Goro and NK's Harelequin.


I wonder if it's possible to placate Moso Monmon with chin scritches...?

ffs mckrak

Toadal Dude's a meme now


silly body type headcanons for Toadal Dude, Uber Geeko, Arachnia and Arachnus respectively.



Dr. Nogut! I'm super proud of this pic.

also, lineart.


he shimmies.

Sir Berus. (and Dr. Maddiman, for some reason.)

Tengu in summerwear.

Bunny Mint and Snow Rabby.

Dr. Maddiman and Shmoopie appreciating hearts.

Chairman McKraken intimidating Whisper and Nate.

Katie, Espy (Satori-chan) and Tengu.


Gogogo Godfather.

Ma-Injaneno and Harelequin (NK's character as mentioned upthread sadfdsg)


Dr. Maddiman and his turtle children.

I don't understand some localization decisions and editing the nosehair Nosir's, uh, nosehair into an unpleasant glob of snot is one of the ones that I hate.

McKraken and Timidevil??



Squisker headcanon.

Tengu and Insomni.

Tengu eyes.


Mermaidyn for NK.

context: Turquoisephoenix headcanons Moso Monmon as being Jewish.

Pinkipoo and Pookivil.

~ that's all folks! ~

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