Sunday, 25 June 2017

gargantuan yokai watch fanart compilation 1

I haven't posted any stuff on here since November so I best fix that then! gonna put most of them under a cut because YOW huge
starting things off with a Demuncher.

Chairman McKraken being a salty squid

McKraken vs. Venoct.

McKraken and Dr. Maddiman.

I'm fond of this big dumb squid (also feat. the Nosirs)

Yamerunja-sensei/Mr. Yamelinja (o boy waiting for that localized name bc inconsistent romanizations are a pain) with chompers. um.

CLASSIC YOKAI. Lady Longnek (Rokurokubi) takes a sip from Gnomey's (Zashiki Warashi) milk shake as Mermaidyn (Ningyo) watches on.

McKraken having funny ideas of how to be friendly.

Art trade. McKraken and Dr. Maddiman enjoy (?) a movie.

McKraken gets slurped by Tublappa (Akaname).

squid summer wear (with complementary bag Pinkipoo)

coupla Allnyta. 

Arachnus (Tsuchigumo.)

Arachnia (Jorogumo)

Bunny Mint (left) and Snow Rabby (right) from Yokai Watch 3.


Chummer and Herbiboy.

Frostina (Yuki-onna) and Blizzaria (Fubuki-hime)

Jibanyan in the style of the dark yokai watch.

Dr. Kagemura.

fake anime screenshot featuring McKraken. it's unlikely he'll ever appear in the anime. It's a mixed blessing to be honest. (I'm not a huge fan of the anime.)

Art trade of music AU Nosirs.

Moso Monmon.

Nosir in a jacket.

art trade depicting Nurarihyon.

Valentine's day pic of Pinkipoo.

Roughraff and Badude with personal headcanons with ear piercings and scarring.

I told ya I like this squid.

Katie Forester and Squisker (he doesn't look like this in canon but gosh I wish he did)

pastel-y Venoct (Orochi)

a bit more experimental Tublappa (Akaname)

art trade Count Cavity (Beelzebold's recolour)

and speak of the devil (hah), Beelzebold himself, also drawn for an art trade.


K'mon K'mon.

Mac & Mac, with Jibanyan.

McKraken and his lackey Dr. Maddiman, again.

My idea of how Moso Monmon might look like as a human.

Moso Monmon mouth.

Directator (Mr. Movien) and Moso Monmon.

Manjimutt (Jinmenken)

Dr. Nogut, Dr. Maddiman's recolour.


art trade with the person's OC and Hi no Shin.

art trade, U Robonyan (??)

Sir Berus (Sanzu no Inu)


I cant fuckeng believ,,,

Mermother and McKraken ahahaha...

fan fusion of Dr. Maddiman and chairman McKraken.

Katie Forester enjoying tea with Squisker (and Whisper)

Tengu. I'm still proud of this pic.

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