Monday, 7 December 2015

jjba and Alessi nonsense

drawing Alessi with my eyes closed

when a good number of people were using Alessi icons on twitter

Polnareff may never know

Midler sure likes SD Alessi.

my fan character Stand user, Duran Duran, and their Stand Electric Barbarella. Duran Duran generally uses they/them pronouns but doesn't mind he/him or she/her-- they like keeping people on their toes. Duran Duran is an engineer by trade.
I was thinking of them being a minor villain, unsure if they work for Dio or work indepedently. With their hat on Duran Duran is stoic and collected but when the hat comes off (or is ruined), their behaviour becomes erratic and aggressive. This also reflects to their Stand, image on the left being the default form (Standby) but they become the figure on the right (Burst Mode). Anyone caught between the two charged spheres on Standby EB's feet gets electrocuted. Burst Mode EB's special ability, Ball Grid Array, utilizes closed spaces by attaching sticky spheres on walls, ceilings and floors to run high electric currents through whoever is caught in the space with the spheres. "End Point" is a sort of self-destruct last-ditch effort where Burst Mode EB is overloaded with intense heat and burst of electricity in attempt to cause grievous damage, effectively killing the user.

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