Tuesday, 27 October 2015

I swear most of my JoJo fanart involves Alessi (and I'm ok with that)

Arista, AgenderWaluigi's JoJo fan character and also Alessi's brother because. Alessi Bros. c'mon now.

Ouch, Mariah. Ouch. based on this
more under the jump!

Devo (the Cursed) and Ebony Devil.

misinterpreted an image on a t-shirt depicting Ebony Devil holding a blowdryer.


A fusion between Midler and Alessi as made by my friend MissNK

N'Doul and Alessi :3c
child version of Alessi, dubbed "Puppy", as made by Kuzeele.

Rubber Soul and Yellow Temperance.

some JoJo OC concepts (tentatively calling them Duran Duran with a stand named Electric Barbarella)

Sethan being silly.

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