Tuesday, 27 October 2015

misc original things

Haruki and Tyto

nsfwish things under cut

animals? sure.

Bobbi the Pekingese and her Chihuahua friends.

revisiting very old characters!

and on the topic of old characters, a fennec fox girl I originally made in 2008.

shiba inu.

wait, something's not right...

a pomeranian as best viewed while listening to this:

crow, as drawn for http://kraakraa.tumblr.com/

the Sal M Hawkins family gathering

you better not be surprised. NSFW things behind the readmore.

I swear most of my JoJo fanart involves Alessi (and I'm ok with that)

Arista, AgenderWaluigi's JoJo fan character and also Alessi's brother because. Alessi Bros. c'mon now.

Ouch, Mariah. Ouch. based on this
more under the jump!

We Can Do It!

GW2 nerdery.