Sunday, 6 September 2015

JoJo things that are largely Alessi

I'd say I'm sorry but I'm not sorry at all

also Ebony Devil and Devo (and Sethan)
when Ebony Devil is prompted to bite off Alessi's dick.

Midler and Alessi. Yay for ridiculous hair accessories.

Cheap Trick.

Yukako and Koichi.

it's these jerks again


some gw2 nonsense

new character, named Violetta Grillo. she's a warrior and quite brutal.

hungry ghost

a strange man as inspired by a dream I had with something that resembled him. tumblr copypasta:

so I had this dream with a roughly humanoid hobo looking giant dude who wanted to eat someone?? also at times he looked more like an anthropomorphic owl.

soon after I woke up I got some ideas for the guy. SO. basically the giant creep will appear on a person’s door telling them to give him food or he’ll eat them. if you lie about having no food, he’ll know, and he’ll eat you and the food. if you have no food, he’ll eat you. if you have food and he is given food, he’ll eat it and leave.

there’s probably a way of thwarting or driving him off. I don’t know if he’s a repeat visitor type of creature or if he operates on some story logic yet. but yeah.

SO UH. that’s a thing.

Also some ways to thwart the guy would be to turn to a faerie for help but tradeoff may not be that great, especially if the faerie expects to give them your firstborn child in return for their protection.

Gosh I want to do something with him.

Without his hat. His appearance is somewhat inspired by bay owls.