Tuesday, 11 August 2015

old, oldish, and less drawn characters in general.

tumblr copypasta: "I was drawing one character when I remembered another and decided to revisit them, too. I should dig up some old art of them.
the orange-haired fellow is a depressingly bad clown, like, I remember him having trouble holding any job. he began life as a moustached traffic police officer but failed miserably at his job. What’s so funny about traffic accidents, anyway? Basically a kinda tropey guy. I like drawing his hair, though.
the other one’s based on a cockroach, in this case, their outfit colours are based on a bush cockroach (Polyzosteria mitchelli), cute little critters. they don’t really talk and are very shy."

these cute ol' Sonic OCs deserve a setting of their own, gosh.

old character from 2004, a shameful remnant and actually the predecessor to all the characters who'd have ridic 80s glam rock hair. xD

four-armed demon dude. he's kinda JoJo flavour now that I go back and think about it.

haven't drawn Zam and friends in a while.

Ragno no, Jacquelin is not lunch!

I like Veli even if he's been a bit boring to me lately??

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