Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Antiope, the two-headed three-armed alien babe

also a nsfw thing behind cut



an old terrible pun

Hurtanminttu's cat Iggy inspecting the goods.

old, oldish, and less drawn characters in general.

tumblr copypasta: "I was drawing one character when I remembered another and decided to revisit them, too. I should dig up some old art of them.
the orange-haired fellow is a depressingly bad clown, like, I remember him having trouble holding any job. he began life as a moustached traffic police officer but failed miserably at his job. What’s so funny about traffic accidents, anyway? Basically a kinda tropey guy. I like drawing his hair, though.
the other one’s based on a cockroach, in this case, their outfit colours are based on a bush cockroach (Polyzosteria mitchelli), cute little critters. they don’t really talk and are very shy."

these cute ol' Sonic OCs deserve a setting of their own, gosh.

old character from 2004, a shameful remnant and actually the predecessor to all the characters who'd have ridic 80s glam rock hair. xD

four-armed demon dude. he's kinda JoJo flavour now that I go back and think about it.

haven't drawn Zam and friends in a while.

Ragno no, Jacquelin is not lunch!

I like Veli even if he's been a bit boring to me lately??

the terrible two once more

bird people?!?!

I don't draw these guys enough.
Berguv and Barnaby being cuties as usual

Clog stop

Ms. Galaxy.

boss raven.

steven universe stuff

Amethyst blabbing about something

Azurite, a fusion between me and MissNK's gemsonas.

Nusku and Asag as gems and their fusion.

alt outfits for my gemsona Turquoise.


Amethyst and Pearl from June.

Ax Murderer

srsly opencanvas 1.1 is a pain and a half to colour in, why do I do this to myself
Dang the flats look nice???

The shading, however, looks icky as hell (which is entirely the point haha)

before I slapped on filters.

and have these Speedwagons as palate cleanser. you deserve them.