Sunday, 21 June 2015

misc original things

Antiope! :>

old characters from like. 11 years ago.

Domino Domino is one leggy guy

terrible manchildren: the post

fluffy raptors!

great crested grebe person!

some nsfw-ish stuff behind the jump

misc Guild Wars 2 things

Chiron probably loves death metal for all the growling, at least until he learns what the lyrics mean

Sisil and Manticor are a great team.

Omphalotus Twilight, pensive sylvari mesmer.

silly, esoteric crap.

more Mockingbird and Eros and such

gargantuan jojo doodle dump

been watching some JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and the output is appropriate

Homestar Runner + JoJo = Joestar Runner

Iggy poot

rest is opencanvas doodles