Saturday, 23 May 2015

GW2 doodles

charr necromancer Chiron Sorrowhaunt as an asura!

norn guardian Hrafn Ingolfkin as a sylvari!

Manticor tries to teach Sisil some manners.

asura ranger Iyakk the Zoologist as a human!

charr elementalist Manticor Gutburn as a norn!

asura thief Kleptomaniac Sisil as a charr!

some older GW doodlings (from April) under the cut

Chiron Sorrowhaunt.

Hrafn Ingolfkin.

Iyakk proves to be a socially awkward little thing. They attempt to get a plank of wood from behind the human woman who's in the way and misinterprets Iyakk's attempts of trying to procure wood as engaging her xD

Omphalotus Twilight.

Thanks for looking!

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