Saturday, 23 May 2015

misc Mockingird things


Mockingbird as a ... mockingbird caracal gryphon. *throws hands up in the air*

Mockingbird in a suit jacket. Drawing that made me realize how small it makes him look, usually the billowy jackets give him volume.

trying out some lighting stuff.

frog girls

red-eyed tree frog girl

gave her a more "realistic" tip of tongue in the final pic as opposed to the yoshi-like one in the sketch, haha

rain frog girl

surinam toad girl (planning to name her Ren)

pacman frog girl

leopard frog girl

GW2 doodles

charr necromancer Chiron Sorrowhaunt as an asura!

norn guardian Hrafn Ingolfkin as a sylvari!

Manticor tries to teach Sisil some manners.

asura ranger Iyakk the Zoologist as a human!

charr elementalist Manticor Gutburn as a norn!

asura thief Kleptomaniac Sisil as a charr!

some older GW doodlings (from April) under the cut