Sunday, 26 April 2015

Delta and other characters from Nano

Nano is an old scifi setting of mine which takes place in far future where ethics in genetic engineering are more tenuous and characters like Delta choose to augment themselves with mechanical parts instead.

while being courted by a spider dude.

Sisil and Iyakk

my asura player characters in Guild Wars 2. my GW2 blog:

Thursday, 16 April 2015

misc original things

old character, Åke Årkki. despite his name, he has very little to do with orcs

Antiope again!

Lieutenant Colombo, a pigeon cop. I made him into a wood pigeon, and I think it suits him!


another old Sonic OC named Enigma. He was part of an extensive pantheon me and my sister would think up and lived in a temple far up in the sky.


some kind of Junji Ito style emulation idk

this post seems to be old character capital. this pink-haired fella used to be a regular on my old Tegaki account.

bogeyman concepts.

Boyle. He can't actually fly, instead he hovers.


an imp!

Mockingbird and friends

doctor octopus

I uh. sure have been on a Doc Ock kick lately. I blame some folks on tumblr for giving me the spark. I've also been watching The Spectacular Spider-Man and good gravy what a good show (also a good Ock)

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

what a rad internet series. Tried drawing human versions of the main trio. It can however be disturbing, so if you like weird shit, it'll be up your alley.

Here's a teaser for a bit spoilery pic of DHMIS 4, more under the cut.