Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Computer Love

Fanart of characters of a webcomic titled Computer Love, Fenette and Fi.


chameleon persona concepts

old characters again!

alien concepts.

silly doodle based on Erisdev's tweet.
Nusku alchemy sketch.
openCanvas lines for said sketch.

hairless Nusku. hahaha

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Squirrel Girl!

Been reading some The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and gosh it's fun so far. The art's up my alley, too.

That old kinda creepy design is rad too, I love it.

EDIT: also in colour and progress shots

misc original things

Gallant, a great blue heron dude.

"unless you're a shortcake, that is~" Moa gosh gosh

NUSKU. he's babin'

Muppets joke

SuperJail style emulation haha.

Toyah. Also featuring her dad and college yearbook photo.

Clip Studio Paint practice

I like CSP so far! Just gotta practice a little more, haha.

asura stuff

Iyakk, my asura ranger.

Kleptomaniac Sisil, an asura thief.

I love asura teeth - v -

persona things

Witchsona for witchsona week! Also featuring ghost kitty familiar Pikku. She's huge.

gemsona Turquoise for gemsona week.

Drew myself as a hemulen (from the Moomin universe) because gosh I relate to hemulens so well, obsessive creatures devoted to one interest and being socially awkward. And hemulens wear dresses regardless of gender :>

Laistrygon, giant sorcerer.

I hope Laistrygon and Magnus don't live in the same universe because gosh

old design from 2012.

I ought to draw an updated full body pic of him but looking up clothing references all over again aahahahah fun *dead*