Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Enigma Beast.

Magnus Grant and a friend???

just own up to your bullshit jeeez

girl concept. why do I have so many human characters???

what can I say, I'm attached to retro Knuckles.

for whatever reasons, sometimes my charr elementalist player character's clothes wouldn't load in story instances. and earlier today, my entire character model went invisible hahah.

Nusku says ahhhh

opossum says ahhhh too
a coloured version of an Eros pic I posted earlier: http://skognac.blogspot.fi/2014/08/eros-fun-time-party.html

DoDo DoOdles

bonus henchman concept.

character fusions!

Mockingbird + Domino Domino

Domino Domino + Nusku

Domino Domino + Very

Domino Domino + Ikirouta

Moa + Domino Domino

Moa + Very

Mockingbird + Spord

Mockingbird + Mr. R

Nokka + Very

 Mockingbird + Nusku

Domino Domino + Spoon Squirrel

Very + Veli

Domino Domino + MissNK's Kari

Domino Domino + Stig

december fanarty things

Blue Meanies from Yellow Submarine

King Dedede from Kirby series

further Yellow Submarine silliness

my interpretation of Sonia from the infamous Sonic Underground cartoon :I

it's a good thing Heinz Edelmann didn't direct Yellow Submarine: http://becdecorbin.tumblr.com/post/104259463268/okay-here-it-comes-theres-a-lot-of-weird-grammar

The strange little creature from a short animated "rock musical" шкатулка с секретом or Shkatulka s Sekretom from 1976. It's very charming from what I've seen, delightfully 70s. You can view it with English subtitles here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xv59vb_a-box-with-a-secret-1976-shkatulka-s-sekretom-english-translated-russian-animation-v2_shortfilms