Friday, 31 October 2014

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Fanart for the webcomic Gon' E-Choo!

imp concepts (nsfw)

Tumblr copypasta:

dangit I love exploring the differences between these two types of imps, terrestial and flying. might come up with more types later!

what they have in common is eye markings on their faces, dense, fuzzy hair and fur and they’re eusocial creatures. they’re also parthenogenetic, there are no male or female imps: they’ve made it clear that they’re neither.

their “horns” are essentially modified nostrils made of cartilage and keratine. on terrestial imps, they can blow air out of their nostrils to flip up the bangs to reveal the scary “extra eye” markings to scare off a foe. for flying imps, the nostril horns don’t seem to serve any particular purpose, other than to signify age (as they grow more prominent with age).

terrestial imps’ group life tends to be like that of gorillas, i.e. a dominant imp who is much larger and looks dramatically different from other imps in the group who takes care of their group and juvenile imps who don’t need to rely on their birth parent to survive. maybe once the group gets too big or when the dominant imp dies, individual imps will disperse and seek out a new group or become a dominant imp themselves.

flying imps are like ravens, with young individuals joining together and doing everything as a group. there is no appointed leader, they just stick together because it’s convenient. once old enough though, an individual imp will seek out their own territory and live on their own. elderly imps, however, are too weak to defend their territory on their own and might become a pushover to a group of young imps, sometimes some groups might even have an old imp sticking around, holding out for leftovers even though they might get abused by the group.

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Mockingbird and friends and family


another henchman design.

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