Thursday, 28 August 2014

so who's this Mockingbird fella anyway?

Ah yes, Mockingbird. A mysterious man with a lot of secrets. He is a collector of curio, and he certainly has a menagerie of strange creatures in his possession. He is also a hypnotist, and boy does he use it for all kinds unsavory things.

"Are you sure you can handle this?"

At a modest height of 4'11", even his actual age is a mystery.

From a December OC ball event (my blog's tag is here.), featuring Tanglefootcomic's Pixie Perizene. Their art is amazing and character designs impeccable. Poor Robin/Pixie??

Mockingbird admiring Prawnlegs's Edgar's shoes.

Eros really likes antagonizing Mbird.

Mockingbird comforting(?) Hazel.

Mockingbird's cane is one of his most important tools for a number of reasons.

Mockingbird and NK's Kari.

Mockingbird and Eros have a great chemistry is what I'm trying to say here

Also featuring some people Mockingbird has interacted with in any shape or form:
Erica "Robin" Rubens, Mockingbird's secretary. Or should I say, Sal Hawkins's secretary, since it's the name she knows him by.


Robin is also absurdly cute.


Dove Hawkins, biological son of Mockingbird.

A girl named Toyah. It probably isn't her real name.

Wyvern. He's a comedian and a drag queen.

Z. He'd rather pretend he never knew Mockingbird.

I'm gonna end this post before it stretches out to eternity.

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