Friday, 29 August 2014


An entity known as Frond, faceless otherworldly monster taken a humanoid form but failing to emulate it particularly well. Hilarity ensues?
Also, he tried recreating a face once but the result was too uncanny and unsettling, so he opts for mental manipulation, implanting a face in people's minds when in contact with his "shadow". (the shadow is actually a gateway to his real body. What you see of Frond is simply a fleshy sock puppet.)

Making dad jokes even worse like a champ

His clothes are, in fact, his skin.

Above art is from April 2014.

Have some older draws from 2011-2012:

Frond and Mr. R. I drew Mr. R a lot in 2012.

Frond being approached by Carminechimera's Manuel.

m'female human

He's a fun character.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Ragno the spider

Salto "Ragno" Vestjens. Another wayyy old character. He's originally based off a zebra spider but later his design took more cues from dimorphic jumping spiders.

Magnus the giant

I originally made him in 2009, but I've been reworking him recently.

unnamed peasant girl.

neon genesis evangelion

I love me some character study and surreal imagery.

so who's this Mockingbird fella anyway?

Ah yes, Mockingbird. A mysterious man with a lot of secrets. He is a collector of curio, and he certainly has a menagerie of strange creatures in his possession. He is also a hypnotist, and boy does he use it for all kinds unsavory things.

"Are you sure you can handle this?"

Eros fun time party

Eros, aka Tremaine Pettigrew, a taciturn reclusive fellow from Wales, and who associates with a man known as Mockingbird. Though something's off about him. (Putting gross things under the cut!)

Chatting with NK's character Kari Novik.

my best pics of the guy so far.^