Saturday, 12 May 2018

May fish pirate stuff

YAY. current stuff.
Captain Victoria Carver, a great white shark. truly a terror of the seas. 

Captain Hardhead, a hardhead catfish.

earliest art of captain hardhead, I had a dream with him and this is a vaaaague approximation of how he might have looked in it.

quartermaster Razor of captain Carver's crew. I think she's a sand tiger shark.

Hardhead and first mate Whiskers.

quartermaster Razor again.

April Owls

UHH, lots of owl people I guess! especially Berguv and Barnaby.

teen Berguv.

unedited version of more owly Berguv.

March concepts and doodads

UH wow, compared to February this post is far more substantial. so anyway, most of it is under cut. first, some angels.

February stuff

revisiting an old character from... 2002? whoa.

January things


think I'll go by order of stuff by month, less so by theme. I apologize for dropping the ball!

Monday, 4 December 2017

giants again? yaaay!

kicking things off with this fellow who... finally got a face! 

look under the jump to find out what he looks like...